finsa food factory

13:00 – 15:00

Make your reservation, seating is limited.

Finsa Food Factory

by Creative Chef & Envisions

In line with the VDMA location Envisions will organise 5 lunch programmes during the week. At the table you will meet envisionairs, exhibitors and invited creative guests. Every lunch will represent a certain theme; guest speakers will give inspiring talks about the matter. ‘The Creative Chef’ is taking care off a unique dining experience. He approaches Finsa and the experiments by Envisions in a culinary way, so now you can also experience these ideas in flavour.

Creative Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate: “ I’m a guy who enjoys life and all its imperfections and celebrations. I want to give and to create. I don’t enjoy the act of taking, its making that gets my groove of attention. Making in all various ways. With food I want to give people a unique sensorial experience, mixing different disciplines, art and food. I do this in collaboration with many others. Why? Because with collaborating you reach a higher level.

With these values he completely fits the Envisions mentality. A unique look, feel and taste experience guaranteed.

Make a reservation now, because seating is limited.

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