who we are

We are envisions – a collective of 20 multi-disciplinary designers, with a shared fascination for experimental research, led by Sanne Schuurman. We aim to overthrow the usual boundaries between finished product and the creative process by showcasing everything but the end product. Our carefully curated collective is specialised in translating innovative and experimental ideas into refreshing applications and products. With a keen eye for new opportunities within existing production processes we strive to collaborate with companies that are interested in expanding the possibilities of their product and their conventional way of working.

what we do

We research possibilities in existing production processes of established manufacturers by means of a stimulating approach, in which the focus is on the process instead of the end product. We strongly believe that innovation often originates from a playful attitude and embracing coincidences that occur during a creative process. Therefore our working method is led by experimentation with an open ending. Constantly walking on the peak of their abilities, our diverse group of designers is the executer of this mission. By having the freedom to instantly react on unforeseen qualities within a making-process they can provide a fertile foundation for contemporary and innovative designs within the context of the industry.

why we do it
Ever since our debut at the Salone del Mobile in 2016, our mission has continuously been to show the importance of the design process and challenge the industry to question their current production processes; to cross their boundaries, shift their values and consequently give an experimental push to innovation.

The ideology of envisions encourages their members to have unhindered creativity, without presumed restrictions of the manufacturer or client. We believe that only then truly, original things with a strong identity can be created. Being a pioneer in publicly presenting the process with great pride, we’ve transcended the fear of copycats and challenged the status quo. In return we gained the positive international attention we were hoping for – the public, the media and even fellow design practitioners have all showed their awe and interest. By intuitively addressing a great number of other talents, and show there is a platform for every aspect of design, we proudly broke open the road to equally elevate the qualities within others’ personal design process.

how it all started

The brief history of envisions starts in a monumental, white building in the center of Eindhoven. Between the thick walls of the old Philips factory the foundations for an authentic and open-minded approach are laid for the students of the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Upon graduation from the visionary school in 2014, the founders of envisions – Sanne Schuurman, Simone Post and Iwan Pol – visited Europe’s largest design fair in Milan, feeling rather discouraged than inspired. Confronted with the reality of the professional design realm, they felt an overabundance of finished products and lack of diversity in the approaches which led to the three designers extensively debating the issue. What is the reason why we make all those chairs and tables? And why shouldn’t the exposure of this reason, this vastly personal process, be an important aspect of the design presentation and execution?

They realised that the post-academy world lacked the academy’s open arena and how it taught working towards a result: as a durable search for the unconventional in which exposure of the process gives authentic fundaments to a product. It meant the loss of essential moments of critical feedback with a group of diversely talented people – important means to loosen up a fixed vision within a project and move into more challenging directions.

Inspired, they drove the motivation to bridge this gap to the conception of envisions – a collective that would pay tribute to the designer’s process, showcasing everything but the end product. Curating and joining forces with a selection of designers that all stood out for their experimental, colourful and open-minded way of working, they emphasised their notion that more can be achieved collectively. Creating a breeding ground for interaction and exchange, they challenged the industry to an open dialogue, thus transcending the fear of copycats. With a currenly great number of presentations in a fairly short amount of time, envisions has been described as a breath of fresh air in the world of design, leaving the public in joyful awe – eager to be inspired and challenged again. A new design movement has been born.