about the collaboration

Convinced that together you stand stronger, designer collective envisions has, since 2016, engaged in projects in which experimental design research is used to resuscitate unchanging patterns and ideas within the industry. The group that consists of designers from multiple disciplines share a fascination for the hidden possibilities of experimental research and, together, they are devoting their individual qualities to bring these possibilities to light.

Together with ECO-oh!, a Belgian plastics recycling company, they demonstrate how an experimental and intimate collaboration between designer and industry affects the development of materials and what role it can play in the future of recycled plastics.

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related designers

  • Adrianus Kundert
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2020)
  • Emma Wessel
  • Frederik Deschuytter
  • Jeroen van de Gruiter
  • Studio Plott (until 2018)
  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Tijs Gilde