precise disorder

Sometimes taking a step back can be the way to move forward, as Joel and Kate Booy of studio Truly Truly prove with Precise Disorder. The project turns back the clock to an early phase in the process of the Australian duo’s latest completed product – lighting series Levity – and turns the early step into the springboard for a brand new venture. Where the design process previously led to Levity’s very refined and sleek outcome, this time around the duo steered the process to explore a more free and loose approach. Truly Truly reconsidered every single element within the collection of flexible lights, down to the pattern and colour of the woven textile exterior enclosing the LED source. The materiality and form of the reimagined luminaires emerged from a fascination with brutalist machines encountered by the pair during the design process. Although known for delivering quick and accurate work, the designers refer to ‘moments of organised mess’ within such fine-tuned industrial processes that they found most captivating and ultimately added the element of surprise to their sculptural clay and textile lights.

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