synthetic layers

Every detail counts in the work of Sanne Schuurman, who believes it’s the combination of all facets – colour, material, graphics and shapes – that results in a lasting impression. Relying on her intuition for creative choices, Schuurman lends form to her inner sense of composition with a series of intricate material samples that are perceived differently from every angle. Through layering and texturing, she carries industrial materials into a new dimension and – by doing so – gives them a new character. The effect is enhanced as the interaction between reflective and matte surfaces adds depth, while the overlapping of dense and open structures results in mesmerizing designs. Plastic, in all its physical states, plays the leading role in Schuurman’s latest experiments, which add a sense of tactility to the ubiquitous matter. The outcomes testify to the designer’s intention to challenge known application of materials, crafts and techniques in order to find new ways of improving our everyday surroundings.

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