From integrating scratch-proof coatings to finishes that facilitate easy cleaning, we do everything in our power to prevent our products from aging by essentially freezing them in time. But why? Adrianus Kundert believes richness comes with age and it’s a phenomenon that can add to a design’s value. Within his work, Kundert chooses to let gradual erosion become part of a product’s lifespan. The follow up to a series of rugs, which revealed different colours, textures and patterns when ‘damaged’ by usage, Transsaddles is an experiment in seating areas. Just like the floor coverings, they change appearance after repeatedly coming into contact with people. To reach his goal, Kundert deliberately applies lacquers that are known to be too fragile for furniture purposes and combines a soft under-layer with a top layer of hard plastic, which will crack when a person sits down.

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