colour control

While taking a moment to review her earlier completed projects – which included carpets made from recycled Vlisco fabrics and a knitted plaid for the Textielmuseum – Simone Post noticed a recurring element: a vast ‘melange’ of mismatched colours. The continuity demonstrated a consistent difficulty in previous experiments in determining how colours will mix together and respond to one another, especially when composing woven and knitted fabrics. Proving to be a prominent aspect of her work, she decided to dive in and analyze the subject for her next venture. To take back control of the unpredictable process, she tried innumerable combinations of dyed yarns. The research draws upon the colouration of pointillist paintings by Seurat and Klimmt. By closely monitoring the shades that appear when combining the tinctured strands, she started to compile a personal database for quality control in her future textile designs.

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