For Dutch duo Vantot, it’s all in the name. Literally translated from Dutch as ‘from to’, Vantot focuses on the entire process, starting with a technique and ending with the product. The pair strives to find new applications for innovations in everyday life, and it’s not only new-found technologies which have seized their interest. Serving as a guiding light in the duo’s work, antiquated techniques are put to good use in modern day outlets, mutually benefiting from today’s updated knowledge base. Take electricity. Although light bulbs have been around for centuries, innovations – such as the rise of the LEDs – have made continuous evolution possible. And today, electronic devices operate on much lower voltages than ever before, significantly decreasing its hazardous aspects. While direct contact with electricity – and light – used to be a no go, recent developments illuminate completely new realms for the old technology. By embedding electronic paths into a multitude of surfaces, Vantot redesigns the relationship between humans and electricity, especially in home environments.

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