Despite it’s ubiquitous presence throughout the flooring and furniture industries, medium density fibreboard (MDF) hides in plain sight. Fused wooden fibres – the source of the material’s strength – sit beneath a protective coating, and Roos Gomperts became fascinated by its masquerading role. Mimicking plastic, the outer layers are essentially comprised of stacked sheets of thin paper glued onto the pressed panels. Printed-on imitation grains lead to the material’s use in laminate floors or wood-alternative furniture. From her perspective, this a band-aid solution which lacks tactility and vitality. In an attempt to reinvigorate standardised fibreboard, the designer enables an interaction between the top layer and the underlying MDF. By applying paper cut outs, playing with residual form and collaging sawn elements, the relationship between the different layers is accentuated. Once viewed as an ad hoc solution, MDF-based flooring and furniture become the superior choice with Gomperts’s developments.

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