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It was the initial visit to the Finsa factory which sparked Simone Post’s interest in the image and identity of wood. Upon strolling through the factory halls, she encountered a world of contrasts. On one hand, stacks of stately tree trunks were shredded to return in an unrecognisable state for MDF. At another location, advanced machines were producing digital prints that mimic wood in the most convincing way possible. And eventually, these carefully detailed images then coat compressed boards made from the exact material the prints attempt to replicate: real wood. From start to finish, the contradicting cycle struck a cord with Post, who chose to redirect the tension between the natural and artificial to create new and slightly estranging works. While reminiscent of woodgrain, Post’s graphic prints are obviously – and intentionally – counterfeits. In a second interpretation, the individual rings are milled with the help of a CNC machine to form a bas-relief, unveiling the underlying fibre layers.

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