fossilised in fibre

Extensively used in the housing and furniture industry, MDF remains to be applied in a concealed and constructive manner, hence often left dull-toned. Trum focused his previous research for Finsa on changing this notion by dyeing the buried-deep wood fibres into a variety of colours after which he compressed the colourful strands into solid sheets, resulting in a collection of chromatically textured boards. Instead of elevating Finsa’s materials by pigmenting the pieces of board, Trum worked the material to its core with his artist-spirited affinity for paint: as petrified pieces of pigment — even adding festive elements fossilised between the fibre. Organic and vivid as his approach was, the artist’s research was brought to Finsa’s factory. Ingredients were multiplied, after which the 500-meter long, pressure press transformed his handcrafted boards into a large-quantity, industrial material. Or Trum’s largest piece of art.

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