strips and stripes

Smooth and evenly finished, the material veneer doesn’t insinuate it’s composition to be built from a number of different wood strips, carefully composed and glued together. Fascinated by this process, Roos Gomperts teamed up with Elvis Wesley to fuse this insight with her previous board research Inter(p)layer, in which she accentuated the concealed layers of MDF by tinkering with paper cut-outs and residual form. In Strips and stripes, the duo explored the aesthetic potential of veneer by applying it’s functional manufacturing steps as decorative elements. Openly highlighting the glueing, cutting and taping stages — while adding their typical, self-drawn finishings — they treat each individual wood strip with playful care. As eclectic and graphic the result may be, they’ve only changed the perception on the polished material by revealing veneer’s true identity — as a lively pattern of strip(e)s.

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  • Roos Gomperts
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2021)