wannabe wood

Introduced to Finsa’s production grounds, Simone Post encountered a world of contrasts in which tree trunks were shredded and transformed into MDF, while advanced machines were producing digital prints, convincingly mimicking wood. In awe by these industrial processes moving towards results in opposite directions, Simone Post based her wood in process samples on playing with the tension between the natural and artificial, displaying a range of in-carved prints inspired by the natural drawing of woodgrain. Undergoing a sophisticated abstraction, the prints didn’t aim for mimicking wood but illustrated a clear reference to their origin. Further researching the possibilities of the CNC machine, she now used different mill sizes and shapes to reveal different layers of the wood-based materials in more simplified versions of her drawings. Returning the focus to the surprising consistency of Finsa’s materials, Post unveils the underlying fibre layers, introducing us to a fibrous chipboard filling, a finer MDF and a colourful melamine layer – all in one stroke.

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