about the designer

Operating under the pseudonym of Elvis Wesley, Wesley de Boer is a music lover intrigued by its potential to create an atmosphere. De Boer believes ‘design can have a similar effect. It is like music that you can see and touch.’ Following a stint as a graphic designer and illustrator, de Boer attended the Man & Identity programme and later moved to Berlin to be a designer at Jongeriuslab. Fascinated by self-made internet stars and bloggers, de Boer began a double life under the pretentious pseudonym of Elvis Wesley and has dedicated his studio to serving this alter ego by designing its personality and the habitat. ‘I chose to serve Elvis Wesley. I aim to materialise his fictional fantasy world and make this public, so other people can enjoy it too. All the work and products that are initiated by studio Elvis Wesley are artefacts from Elvis Wesley’s fictional world. I see myself, Wesley de Boer, more as his employee.’ A project often starts with a fascination for a material or technique and, after diving into it, is given a suitable application. The studio’s work is envisioned as one big process, with everything intertwined. Whether it is a video or an object, the outcome often has a highly ‘visual effect’.