about the co-founder

Iwan Pol is a participating designer and one of the co-founders of envisions. Together with Sanne Schuurman and Simone Post he found the creative collective back in 2016.

“During my studies, I was always surrounded by an abundance of creative talents, which sparked the idea of approaching companies in a collective manner. I believe that an independent, creative group can show an established business a wide variety of unexpected possibilities. The conception of envisions I therefore saw as a tool for companies to kickstart innovation and a method for designers to maintain creative autonomy. It’s truly amazing to feel the energy of the group when we significantly put our talents to use and create great ideas for our clients.” — Iwan Pol

about the designer

Even from a young age, Iwan Pol only wanted to create. As he grew up, his imaginative impulses continued and Pol gravitated towards creative fields and became a graphic designer, but found working with a computer to be less fulfilling than working with his hands. From his Rotterdam atelier, Pol investigates materials, colours and textures with the intention of making objects with an unexpected aesthetic and materiality. ‘If a material is known for its hard characteristics, I like to see if I can make it soft. If it is stiff, I like to make it flexible,’ says the multidisciplinary designer. Pol desires to enrich the physical and emotional experiences of an object’s viewer by creating an alternative way of looking at products, behaviour and culture: ‘Provoking interaction between a person and a physical object is the ultimate goal because it consciously or unconsciously makes people more aware of their physical presence. I believe our senses are degrading in this increasingly digital world.’


Iwan Pol
stone in process

Iwan Pol
stone in progress