about the designer

Upon graduating from the Department of Man & Well-Being, Jeroen van de Gruiter continued exploring his interest in the individual language of an object. A product’s gesture which relates to use, thinking about new ways for products to connect with their possible users and finding ways for his products to create a language of their own. From his base in Rotterdam, the designer explains: ‘Often my work starts with a thought about a context or situation where an object can be used or expressed. The exciting part is to think about what it then can become. Then I try to find out what exactly it is that I find fascinating about it and from there explore the viability of that idea.’ Influenced by the presence of light, van de Gruiter’s works are a fusion of shape, proportion, colour and texture. The designer contemplates the influence of these choices on the user in hopes of learning how to create products people want to live with for a longer period of time.