about the designer

Robin Pleun Maas explored interior materials and body products at the Man & Identity programme. With textiles, structures and surfaces as her muse, Maas takes a playful, trial-and-error approach to the design process and material experimentation in an ongoing effort to find new solutions, combinations and aesthetics. Maas explains: ‘I work intuitively and with an aim to create innovative materials or combinations in search for unexpected function and forms’. Focusing on a broad range of products, Maas manipulates textiles through various processes – and combinations of diverse techniques – so they become three-dimensional surfaces. Whether a soft structure or flexible wood, textile creations ask for human interaction. Operating in Eindhoven since graduation – excluding the time spent developing her skills at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borâs – the designers personal studio focuses on the possibilities within knitted textiles, alongside working at Innofa.