about the digital maker
Haarlem born and raised, Roel Deden was always attracted to science and technology as well as drawing and sculpting. These seemingly divergent interests intersected when Deden began digitising his drawings on his first computer and in high school started making websites. These tendencies led to studying design in Eindhoven but, after graduation, the designer’s focus turned to digital craftsmanship. Since 2012, he has been making 3D models and communicating technical information from his Utrecht studio. Recently, Deden shifted into virtual reality and its relationship to the design process, making micrometer-accurate models for production, as well as material- and lighting-accurate visualisations of spaces and objects. ‘I use the virtual world to create a physical one – as I often say, from virtual to reality.’ Deden’s visualisations ensure a concept’s physical manifestation is both enhanced and efficient.


Roel Deden
stone in progress