about the designer

Amsterdam-born Roos Gomperts spent her childhood immersed in her mother’s art world in her home studio, dabbling in the atmosphere of artworks and materials. The creativity was an early influence which literally drew her to the design field, culminating with studies in the Man & Leisure programme. Since graduating, the designer-slash-image maker creates playful fusions of contrasting materials from her base in Rotterdam. Guided by a material’s inherent colour, Gomperts combines varied textures – soft and spongy consistency of foam and the transparent and fragile nature of glass – to result in the visually intriguing combinations which are central to her work. ‘I have a fascination for standardised materials and images in our society. With my work, I turn around, reinterpret and give new meaning to these standards; new applications, contexts and values are proposed. With a playful and experimental approach towards often under-appreciated materials and images, inventions are often found in an unexpected way.’