about the art director, co-founder

Sanne Schuurman is a participating designer, art-director and one of the co-founders of envisions. Together with Iwan Pol and Simone Post she found the creative collective back in 2016.

“Stepping into the professional design world, means your colleagues also become your competitors. I felt that bundling this creative talent was a much more logical step, as the creative force of together could open doors to the industry that would otherwise be left unopened. This collective energy is to me the driving power of envisions and, convinced that a methodology of this kind is extremely valuable, I believe it should be widely distributed. With my entrepreneurial character and a strong strategy I want to keep on pushing the boundaries of envisions and inspire companies both in and outside of the design realm.” — Sanne Schuurman

about the designer

Born in Sweden and raised in Arnhem, Sanne Schuurman studied both interior architecture and architecture before realising she wanted to downsize in project scale, and definitely not just remix designs made by others. To have a hand in the aesthetic and making of a space’s details – from the curtains to furniture, lighting and floors – is what makes her tick. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Schuurman simultaneously founded her own studio in Eindhoven as well as two group-focused initiatives, the process-oriented design collective Envisions and De Design Shop, a pop-up which brings designer’s work to the market. ‘I think a designer is a connector and collaborator. You need to be able to dive into different worlds and be able to gather useful knowledge to apply to your processes. As soon as you start to collaborate and open up your practice – like an open source – you can achieve things on a bigger scale, joining forces instead of wandering around in your own imagination.’ Schuurman’s playful and experimental way of working is immersed into a layered world of colour, material and texture. Not decoration applied as after-thoughts, ornate patterns result from the research-driven process behind material combinations and constructions.