about the co-founder

Simone Post is a participating designer and one of the co-founders of envisions. Together with Iwan Pol and Sanne Schuurman she found the creative collective back in 2016.

“After my graduation I wanted to make a big statement to an extensive audience, show the surprises you get when you’re experimenting and in that way communicate the necessity of research by making. From the first moment on it was very important to me that we started an industrial collaboration – there you often see a distinct lack of open research. How refreshing would it be if you could completely turn a factory upside down and discover its’ endless new possibilities with a talented group of innovators!” — Simone Post

about the designer

Utrecht-born Simone Post started out by studying fashion design at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. By witnessing the wasteful aspects of the industry, she felt incompatible with the fast-paced fashion world and parted ways. Post then ventured to Eindhoven for a career grounded in research which became an impetus for her interest in investigating common materials, discovering and demonstrating a different way to utilise the material or product. Both her internships with Hella Jongerius and Vlisco were also of big importance for the continuation of her career. ‘By working together with the industry, we can realise changes with a big impact I am especially motivated when I see large quantities of discarded or leftover materials which are being destroyed. This is such a waste and we should look for other ways to use them.’ For Post-Vlisco, the designer repurposed Vlisco’s waste scraps of African batik textiles into a rug, which are now being produced on a big scale. From her base in Rotterdam, she occupies herself with a desire to continuously improve the designed world, especially from an industrial and production perspective.


Simone Post
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