about the designer

Studio Plott was part of envisions from 2016 to 2018.

Upon graduating from Design Academy in 2014, Rudi Boiten and Mireille Burger founded their collective studio in the design capital Eindhoven. Both fascinated by the qualities of materials, they express themselves with their graphic language in material-based surfaces and products. While Boiten – an observer – creates techniques that are both technical and tactile, Burger’s intuitive way of working drives her to explore a process whereby colour, material and detail matter.
With their self-initiated research project, One Yarn Of Plastic they explored the idea of digitally printed geometric patterns and surfaces. The young designers developed a computer-controlled machine which is able to print their own custom designs by extruding a molten plastic filament. Continuously experimenting with different materials and methods to develop new structures, patterns and textile bindings, they converted traditional techniques, such as stitching, weaving and knitting, to 3D printing technology. Their small-scale production allows them to design custom-made products that vary in scale, thickness, density, transparency and colour.