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Studio Truly Truly was part of envisions from 2016-2017.

The design studio is ran by Joel and Kate Booy who are originally from Queensland, Australia, and commenced their creative career with a BA in graphic design. Having found the perfect partner in both life and work, the couple moved to The Netherlands shortly after graduation to elevate their three-dimensional skills and branch out into other forms of design. Joel studied at the Design Academy in Eindhoven and graduated from the school in 2014, equipped with an innovative design vision and and an accompanying, hands-on approach. From this point on, the poetic design studio creates objects from furniture and lighting to textile and spaces, positioning their work on the interface between industry and art – creating artistic products for the living environment. With finesse for quite a wide range of design assignments, they work on commissions for big commercial clients (Ikea, Leff) as well as on small, experimental projects (Dutch Invertuals, Envisions).


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