about the exhibition

For Fibre Fixed: composites in design, envisions collaborated with prof. Ignaas Verpoest and art historian Lut Pil to curate an exhibition which seeks to explore and explain the role of composite materials in the design world.

Located at Design Museum Gent, this exhibition presents a wide range of design projects involving composites and focuses on the developments of the past five years, while highlighting the breakthroughs that can be expected in the years to come.

The use of composites in design is examined in a context shaped by social challenges such as climate change, ecological impact, sustainability, mobility, the aging of the population and digitization.

Directed by Sanne Schuurman, the scenography of the exhibition is the outcome of selected envisionaires joining forces. With a key focus on ensuring visitors can understand the composite material in a way which will enable them to recognize it in everyday life, our envisionaires Tomas Dirrix, Ronald Smits and Team Thursday worked together to create a concept which has stripped back the technicality of the material and reintroduced it.

Utilizing an intriguing and unusual presentation of composite products, varying from the ONAK canoe and Quechua tent, to Tim Duerinck’s violins and MOGU’s interior panels, as well as the works created by envisions in collaboration with the plastics recycling company ECO-Oh!, the composite material is shown as more than a museum object.

The layout of the exhibition was designed to reinforce this notion; on entry visitors are immersed into a city landscape, with various different sections and balcony’s that provide a constant contrast in viewing perspective throughout.

Within the exhibition visitors can also find ‘The Lab’, a highly informative space dedicated to revealing the many different elements that can be combined to make a composite. Ranging from flax fibres to pine needles, salt crystals or forrest wool, these elements are recognizable as real materials.

The exhibition has been interpreted in the namesake publication Fibre-Fixed: Composites in design. Written by Ignaas Verpoest and Lut Pil and created in collaboration with graphic design duo Team Thursday, the book includes all you need to know about the exhibition.


exhibit date

26 October 2018 - 21 April 2019

exhibit location

Design Museum Gent
Jan Breydelstraat 5
9000 Gent

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related designers

  • Tomas Dirrix
  • Ronald Smits
  • Team Thursday
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2020)
  • Sanne Schuurman