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Born from the idea that experimentation is the key to innovation, Dutch collective Envisions approached Finsa, the Spanish wood manufacturer. After its debut in Milan, Envisions returns with yet another premier: an experimental collaboration between designer and industry where the emphasis is not on the finished product but on the possibilities uncovered along the way.

Envisions considers the process to be one of design’s defining factors, one which is often undervalued and rarely – if ever – exposed throughout the industry.

Functioning as a conceptual breeding ground, the preliminary phases of a product’s formation present limitless possibilities and deserve the spotlight in their own right. Corporate companies often stick to the road of proven practices and clearly defined objectives, missing the possibly fruitful alternatives discovered while taking the path less travelled. But not Finsa. The Spanish manufacturer swung open its factory doors to Envisions. All twelve members were invited to infiltrate Finsa’s production grounds and set free their individualised creativity.

Continuing its original mission as an industry-inspiring laboratory, Envisions set out to uncover new applications and uses for Finsa’s complete range of materials, which includes chipboard, medium density fibreboard (MDF) , veneer, melamine and even the before step product as printed paper. By tinkering with by-products and sheet materials as well as the manufacturer’s established techniques, the designers crafted twelve distinctive processes – assorted in both character and end use – which showcase the pioneering potential of the unhindered imaginations of industry outsiders.

finsa food factory

Together with renowned and innovative food artist Creative Chef (Jasper Udink ten Cate) Envisions organised five lunch programmes for the Envisions invites exhibition at the VDMA location during Dutch Design Week 2017. At an elongated dinner table (for which Finsa’s board material was used) envisionaires, exhibitors, creative guests and design enthusiasts enjoyed a unique dining experience revolving around the collaboration between Envisions and Finsa. Approaching the board material in a culinary manner, the samples and experiments now — besides their tactility and visual aesthetic — also played on the sense of smell and taste. The lunches were accompanied by a number of talks and presentations from the creative guests.

“I’m a guy who enjoys life and all its imperfections and celebrations. I want to give and to create. I don’t enjoy the act of taking, its making that gets my groove of attention. Making in all various ways. With food I want to give people a unique sensorial experience, mixing different disciplines — art and food. I do this in collaboration with many others. Why? Because with collaborating you reach a higher level.” — Creative Chef


exhibit date

21 - 29 October 2017

exhibit location

Vestdijk 25
The Netherlands

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