about the exhibition

Last year, Finsa and envisions presented an experimental collaboration between designer and industry where the emphasis was on the process, instead of the finished product. It marked the beginning of a long-term joint effort to create inspiring examples of wood-based materials.

> wood in progress <, is the second chapter of this creative love story, presenting six of the previously created researches—now industrially tweaked and altered in the factories of Finsa in Spain. With the applied but imaginative impression of the formerly handcrafted materials, the work of wood in progress shows us the unique potential of Finsa’s wood materials, while giving us distinct clues of Finsa’s captivating manufacturing process.

The voluminous display at the Dutch Design Week aims at constantly shifting perspective to spark inspiration from multiple angles. Even if you’ve visited wood in progress in Milan or London: we promise you—it will be worth it to visit again.

exhibit date

20-28 October 2018

exhibit location

De IJsfabriek
Kanaaldijk Zuid

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