about the exhibition
The Envisions Hackathon, which will take place during Dutch Design Week 2020, will give a dynamic look into how we work and collaborate as a team. Every day, a group of Envisionaires will react on objects from modern life, such as part of a car or a household appliance.

What guises could these modern life fragments take if Envisions became part of the industrial design process? Beyond being a familiar canvas for Envisionaires to play with, these objects embody a framework that projects our collective vision into the world. More than ever, we are giving insight into our multifaceted creative process while delving into unfamiliar but exciting territory. These reconfigurations will open up a dialogue with unexplored industries.

Regular updates on our digital platforms, including a live-stream and live-chat, will offer observation for all digital Dutch Design Week visitors. During the 6-day performance – which results in 3 hacked showcases – the Envisionaires will operate from a playground created to optimise collaborative reactions.

Campaign image by Elvis Wesley.


exhibit date

17 - 25th October

exhibit location

Fuutlaan 14i
5613 AB Eindhoven

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related designers

  • Sanne Schuurman
  • Adrianus Kundert
  • Bastiaan de Nennie
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2020)
  • Emma Wessel
  • Fabian Briels
  • Frederik Deschuytter
  • Iwan Pol
  • Jos Klarenbeek
  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Roel Deden
  • Ronald Smits
  • Simone Post
  • Tijs Gilde
  • Tomas Dirrix