about the exhibition

Design, sustainability and experimentation have been always in Finsa’s mindset. ‘wood in process’ is the result of combining envisions’ creativity and freshness with Finsa’s experience and industrial know-how.

In The Old Truman Brewery – East London’s revolutionary arts and media quarter – envisions presented a display consisting of multiple “art pieces” done by the 12 designers using Finsa materials such as MDF, chipboard, melamines and veneers through the research on their process.

‘wood in process’ represents the importance of experimentation as a source of inspiration, in order to discover new possibilities. It’s a collaboration between designer and Spanish industry, where the emphasis is not on the finished product but on the possibilities uncovered along the way. The Dutch designer collective considers manufacturing to play a big role in design, despite being undervalued most of the times.


exhibit date

20 - 23 september 2017

exhibit location

Shoreditch Town Hall Trust
380 Old St
London EC1V 9LT
United Kingdom

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related designers

  • Aukje Fleur Janssen
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2020)
  • Iwan Pol
  • Jeroen van de Gruiter
  • Lody Aeckerlin
  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Ronald Smits
  • Roel Deden
  • Roos Gomperts
  • Sanne Schuurman
  • Simone Post
  • Thomas Trum
  • Vantot