about the exhibition

Shaking up industry’s standards —with their dazzling displays of experimental design research—the creative collective envisions has soundly validated the importance of a design’s preliminary phases. Ascending from the success of our > wood in process < presentations throughout 2017, Envisions and the Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa vividly picked up where they left off, carrying their enriching collaboration to even greater heights.

The green light has been given to six of the previously created researches of the envisionaires—now industrially tweaked and altered in the factories of Finsa in Spain. Being the second chapter of this creative love story, Wood in progress shows us a still conceptual, but applied and further developed impression of the previously handcrafted materials while giving us insight in Finsa’s captivating manufacturing process.

The maze-shaped exhibition in the Old Truman Brewery guides the viewer into different stories that culminate from Finsa’s techniques, long-gathered know-how and envisions’ experimental approach towards this industrial entity. Rhythmically embedded in the exhibition, a documentary filmed in the factories of Finsa provides background information and open reflection on the industrial developments of envisions’ colourful wood samples.

The playful display formulates the mission and vision of this collaboration clearly — showing that designers can’t live without the industry and the industry can’t progress without visionary designers. That quality is not a destination, but a direction and — most importantly — a process.


exhibit date

20-23 September 2018

exhibit location

Old Truman Brewery
26 Hanbury Street
London E1 6QR
United Kingdom

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