about the exhibition

In 2017, Finsa and envisions presented > wood in process <, an experimental collaboration between designer and industry where the emphasis was on the process, instead of the finished product. An intriguing collection, it successfully marked the beginning of a long-term joint effort to create inspiring examples of wood-based materials.

This creative love story then evolved into > wood in progress <, a new chapter presenting six of the previously created researches – now refined and upscaled on an industrial level in the factories of Finsa in Spain.

For Madrid Design Festival, we returned to Spain to showcase each stage of our ongoing successful collaboration. Establishing our patterned presence from the outside in, a window of printed glass revealed an array of intriguing shapes and structures – a > wood in process < landscape which captured attention. Inside, the display of wood based prototypes provided an abundance of colour, texture and material inspiration while guiding viewers through the development of the exciting Finsa x envisions journey.


exhibit date

7 - 17 february 2019

exhibit location

Calle de Sandoval, 3, 28010 Madrid, Spanje

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