about the exhibition

Plymouth College of Art is an art college located in Plymouth, England. It was founded as the Plymouth Drawing School in 1856, and remains one of the last specialist art colleges in the United Kingdom providing art and design education, specialising in the fields of art, design, crafts and media. The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art features a high-quality contemporary programme of exhibitions and events, which seeks to enrich teaching and learning at the college, whilst also welcoming a wider public audience to enjoy and debate contemporary arts.

Inspired by the envisions x finsa – wood in process exhibition at the Salone del Mobile of 2017, Plymouth College of Art approached envisions to create an overview exhibition in their art gallery. Presented in a similar art-school context as to where envisions formed their approach as creatives and where they acquired fundamental skills; the show represented a feeling of ‘coming home’ after a series of interesting and insightful travels and adventures. Envisions transformed the gallery into a chaos-embracing and lively playground that showcased the collective’s joint approach, whilst shining a light on individuals’ distinctive style and talent. The exhibition uncovered the processes of each designer and highlighted concepts such as experimentation, error, authenticity, professionalism and wit creating an interesting overview of all the work created until now.

“Having Envisions exhibit at Plymouth College of Art set an excellent example for our students of how to do things differently and generate attention for doing so. Envisions have proven that they don’t always have to play by the rules, working together as a collective to create something innovative and exciting.” — Leah Harris, Exhibitions coordinator at Plymouth College of Art


exhibit date

30 November - 27 January 2018

exhibit location

Plymouth College of Art
Tavistock Place
Plymouth, PL4 8AT
United Kingdom

related designers

  • Adrianus Kundert
  • Aukje Fleur Janssen
  • Bastiaan de Nennie
  • Elvis Wesley (until 2020)
  • Iwan Pol
  • Jeroen van de Gruiter
  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Roos Gomperts
  • Sanne Schuurman
  • Simone Post
  • Studio Plott (until 2018)
  • Thomas Trum
  • Tijs Gilde
  • Vantot