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During the Dutch Design Week of 2017, the works of envisions was part of > beyond generations < a joint exhibition of Design Academy Eindhoven and the Van Abbemuseum. The exhibition was curated by Annemartine van Kesteren and consisted work from renowned designers like Maarten Baas, Hella Jongerius, Wieki Somers and Studio Job.

beyond generations

The meaning of the term design is constantly changing. Every generation develops their own understanding, from useful functionality to luxurious beauty. Many young designers are now deploying design as a form of social and political intervention.

With the exhibition series > traces < Design Academy Eindhoven will spend the next five years investigating the traces the academy has left in the city, region, nation and the world; and in the design field itself. > traces #1 beyond generations < demonstrates how over a 70-year period new visions were developed by generations of designers through continuous discussion with one another, which in turn kept changing the profession. These dialogues are materialised around eight core themes. Art works from the museum collection reflect the social and cultural environment in which the dialogues unfold. The core themes are as follows: Professional Image, Democratic Space, Social Transformation, System Thinking, Free Form, Conceptual Reflections, Story Spaces and Being Human.

In three galleries, the dialogue even escapes into associative conversation: a major driver of change. In these rooms there are several dialogues between designers. Most designers share the desire to be unique. But, consciously or unconsciously they stand on each other’s shoulders. It seems as if they are engaged in a conversation about mutual ambitions; even when they are decades apart. Others cherish their controversy to clarify their own positions. Who watches and listens carefully, can tap into the buzz and discover the associative links between objects and approaches. It reveals how the history of design is created by dialogue.


exhibit date

7 October - 11 November 2017

exhibit location

Van Abbemuseum
Bilderdijklaan 10
The Netherlands

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