about the project

Design Academy Eindhoven invited alumni Sanne Schuurman and Tijs Gilde of envisions to orchestrate a collaborative workshop for third year Man & Activity students at the design school.

With a focus on facets materials, techniques and how to create suggestions for new applications, the very hands on and experimental workshop aimed to show the students how to think with their hands – and surprise themselves in the process!

Beginning with experimental samples and resulting in refined totem structures, over the course of a month Sanne and Tijs encouraged the students to explore materials, critique and refine, collaborate with others, present and contextualise the work they created.

A range of intriguing and exciting pieces were made, proving a fruitful experience for all involved. We would like to thank the Design Academy Eindhoven, the Man & Activity department for the opportunity and of course the talented third year students for taking part!


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