about the project

For Salone del Mobile 2019 envisions is took a bold hiatus from showing a physical exhibition, distinguishing our presence throughout Milan in a slightly different way.

envisions sought to create a movement which questioned our reaction to static surroundings and expose our design process from the outset. The collective openly began research for our upcoming project, recording every detail of Milan through the eyes of envisions. This fountain of information is easily accessible, and available for everyone to experience within our digital archive.

envisions x Stella Verdult
The public were able to track and trace the presence of every envisionaire in Milan by a custom made jacket, created in close collaboration with fashion designer Stella Verdult, who created the perfect classic Parka canvas on which envisions have left their mark. United in distinctive form, pattern and colour, these jackets were an unmistakable visual identity of the collective, discoverable in locations all over the city.


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