about the project

Chef Naresh Ramdjas is a tastebud magician. With a background in design, his culinary creations display luscious compositions of colour, form and texture and aim to stimulate your senses without even taking one bite.

As part of Dutch Design Week ’18, envisions, Naresh and Campinaterrein are working closely together to create an overlap in the worlds of food and design, culminating in a string of exclusive 4-course dinner experiences at a unique location: het Campinaterrein.

These dinner experiences commence every night at 6.30 pm. An exclusive tour will guide you through the exhibition of envisions and is followed by a 4-course dinner—amuses and a suitable drink pairing included. The price of this unique evening is €75. It is required to make a reservation.

Don’t miss this! Make a reservation by sending an email to campina@envisions.nl of go to nareshramdjas.com

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