about the project

StijlInstituut Amsterdam is a trend analysis agency that focuses on innovation, product design and communication in design, fashion and materials. It is led by Anne Marie Commandeur, an experienced and internationally operating trend analyst, educator and lecturer, who keeps in close connection with the young talents of today.

For Issue 125 of Textile View magazine, Stijlinstituut was to do a trend report on sustainability in fabrics for textiles and fashion. Stijlinstituut approached envisions to be responsible for the curation and putting together a team to work out the visual execution of this trendreport.  Envisions invited recently graduated designers – mainly from Design Academy Eindhoven – to work on the project, forming a trend series split in nine sections for Autumn/Winter 20/21.

The series explores recent developments in textile technology which allow us to refine and accelerate processes, to create products that add real value – not just created to replace what’s been discarded, but sought by the market for its originality and kept and treasured by its owner. 

Art direction: Stijlinstituut Amsterdam for Textile View Magazine
Curation: envisions by Sanne Schuurman
Photography: Ronald Smits

Samples: Fransje Gimbrére, Ines Sistiaga, Jessica Lampit, Léa Mazy, Margaux Minodier, Micheala Segato, Robin Pleun Maas, and Sia Hurtigkarl Degel


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  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Ronald Smits
  • Sanne Schuurman