about the project

Stijlinstituut Amsterdam is a trend analysis agency that focuses on innovation, product design and communication in design, fashion and materials. It is led by Anne Marie Commandeur, an experienced and internationally operating trend analyst, educator and lecturer, who keeps in close connection with the young talents of today.

For Issue 129 of Textile View magazine, Stijlinstituut was to do a fabric preview on ‘Futuring Textiles’ and how digital fashion is capturing imaginations. Stijlinstituut approached Sanne Schuurman of Envisions to be responsible for the curation and putting together a team to work out the creation, and phygital execution of materials for this fabric preview. Envisionaires Bastiaan de Nennie and Emma Wessel worked on this project and created a series of digital material explorations split in nine sections for Autumn/Winter 2021/2022.

While designers traditionally rely on intuition and experience for problem solving, computational design aims to enhance the process by encoding decisions using a computer language. Envisions has used digital tools to reinvent the familiar themes we often see repeated within fashion, and give them a slight disruption in a novel way.

Art Direction: Stijlinstituut Amsterdam for Textile View Magazine
Curation: Envisions by Sanne Schuurman
Visuals: Bastiaan de Nennie
Production: Emma Wessel


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