about the project

On Monday 21st October 2019, we hosted our first symposium to kick-off our new, self initiated project > tech in process <, and it was a great success!

Tech is inextricably linked to our daily lives and our future, and our aim – as a collective – is to question the existing relationship between design and technology and envision a future in which these two industries reinforce one another by utilising each others strengths and challenging our weaknesses.

It was a day for discovering the different – exchanging knowledge, sparking ideas and forming new relationships!

For the symposium, we invited professionals from the tech and design fields – Thonik, The Future Laboratory, Bogdan & Van Broeck, ImatUve, Wolkat, Stella Verdult, Michel Decrè, LG Hausys, Paul Cournet and FranklinTill – to share their approach and vision of how technology will influence the future.

Would you like to be a part of the next conversation? Please get in touch by sending an email to info@envisions.nl

related designers

  • Adrianus Kundert
  • Bastiaan de Nennie
  • Emma Wessel
  • Iwan Pol
  • Frederik Deschuytter
  • Jeroen van de Gruiter
  • Lody Aeckerlin
  • Robin Pleun Maas
  • Roel Deden
  • Ronald Smits
  • Sanne Schuurman
  • Simone Post
  • Studio Plott (until 2018)
  • Tomas Dirrix
  • Tijs Gilde