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As a collective of bright, young designers envisions has been working the imaginary gap between disciplines while developing new materials, open source concepts and formulate collaborations with the industry. The works of envisions are the blending of continuous collaboration and experimentation aimed to show the un-shown, to unveil the gradual transformation of a concept into reality.

It was time to make sensible relations between the aspects of envisions and other disciplines and initiatives of the creative industry. Following numerous successful exhibitions in Milan, London and New York, envisions was thusly approached to create a Dutch Design Week hotspot in the VDMA-building – a 2500 m² venue with an accompanying 1500 m² outdoor area. This spacious opportunity capacitated possibilities to explore the envisions movement, to congregate relations and conceive a platform for a larger number of envisions-minded talents.

Besides showing their latest work – a fruitful collaboration with Spanish wood manufacturer Finsa – and presenting their third book envisions – wood in process, they also presented a whole new array of daring visions represented by a carefully curated and diverse range of both young and established talents. Among them were Mieke Meijer, Christien Meindertsma, Liselore Frowijn, Os and Oos, Dienke Dekker and many more. These designers demonstrate having a strong focus on colour, material and experiment and represent a movement that elevates the qualities of the design process. The result was a chromatic venue where one ought to be intrigued, amazed and inspired by the vibrant energy released when process is elevated and experiment is celebrated.

We’d like to thank Rob van der Ploeg and the Gemeente Eindhoven for making this huge, but amazing project possible!

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